GIE Consultants
(A Unit of HnH Immigration & Studylinks LLP, India)

GIE Consultants is one of the foremost advisory and support organizations in India with 10 years of rich industry experience specializing in global Immigration and Education.  We represent several leading institutions in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Canada and the UK.  GIE's strength is its infrastructure and immense experience in the industry.  Over 800 Graduates achieved their dream careers with our personalized guidance and professional service. 

GIE Consultants started its services in the city of Delhi and now has exclusive offices in various cities in Hyderabad, Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur . GIE. is a one-stop destination for all who desire to go abroad for their future careers. Our trained professional counselors guide applicants to choose highly sought after careers that match their Education, Skill and Professional background.

GIE Consultants has a dedicated team of visa facilitators who work with the Student / Migrantís family to put together application dossiers in a manner that ensures a strong likelihood of success for the grant of visas.  Moreover, we understand the anxiety of the applicants regarding their stay in a different country and to equip them, we arrange pre-departure guidance sessions. This seeks to provide information about the country, people, important documents to be carried, baggage advice, custom regulations etc.  We also assist applicants in arranging temporary accommodation and also coordinate their "on-arrival service".