We are updated with the latest changes in the immigration policies. We are thorough and experienced. You can depend on us. We are personal. You are very special to us and we treat you that way.

We put YOU first. Isnít this the way you want it to be? We care for you. Of course, we are professionals and therefore we charge you, but we assure you the best services while being the most cost effective.
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Deciding to relocate permanently or temporarily to another country can be a major decision. Visa application procedure are often complex and demanding. GIE Consulatnts, provide guidance to persons wishing to effect profound and lasting change unto the lives of their family. We share in the optimism that US, CANADA, NEWZEALAND and AUSTRALIA will provide a stable and successful environment of opportunity to those who elect to emigrate.

We efficiently process applications through complex procedures and a maze of formalities. Having acquired skills and experience in the management of migration applications, our clients receive expert advice and meticulous monitoring of their application throughout the entire process of immigration. Being Immigration Experts, we constantly keep abreast with the latest changes, thus constantly improving the management of applications.

Our services are unique because they are tailored to suit individual needs, offering support services for Formal Assessment of skills, Language testing, Medical checks, Security checks, Settlement Services etc. Hence, an applicant who utilizes the services of GIE Consultants by not only achieves his desire to emigrate but also acquires extensive information which allows him to integrate smoothly and embrace his future, making him proud to refer to his new country as 'Home'.
Based on our track record and our professional management of applications, we claim a high success rate, which is why our growing "satisfied customer clientele", are our best publicity media.
In addition to the foresaid, we also assist in processing Visitor visas, Temporary Business Employment visas and Student visas, exercising the same professional management of applications to ensure that our clients are satisfied.